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Our Approach

To ensure we understand the essence of your idea and deliver best product for your end user, we begin our requirements discovery process with detailed user case and persona development.

First we create sample profiles based around your target app user groups. Their user behaviours, usage patterns and different technical profiles are taken into consideration during this process.

End objective of the project discovery stage is to map out the entire ‘awareness’ to ‘ conversion’ funnel. We will also document the key business logics during this stage.

Prototype Development & Usability Testing

Our design team - will create an interactive prototype to test and validate findings and assumptions made during the discovery stage. We will incorporate feedback from the test users prior to handing your app to he development team.

Development and Ongoing Optimisation

Whether its a mobile app or an app for a wearable device - we follow world class product development processes. We focus on progressive agile development technique where we focus on delivering majority of business critical functionality within a very short period of time.
Once we are confident that all none negotiable business requirements has been clearly met - we move on to finishing off the cosmetic components of the project.

We focus on continuous integration - continuous deployment methods (CI-CD) in order to get your product to market quicker.

As a startup, it’s critical we get our innovative ideas to the market so both investors and users can see our create agenda. Our staged approach ensured that we could get to market quickly without incurring errors or coming across as rushed

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Why Choose Us

On-Time Delivery

Our structured engagement and development processes allows us to get you to market as planned. Our happy clients will attest to this.

Ongoing Support

We don’t just stop at development! We provide a range of hosting, maintenance and versioning plans to our clients. We’re also able to provide dedicated designers or developers to your team.

Fixed Prices

If it’s been scoped and signed off our prices don’t change. We provide clients with price certainty throughout the entire development and testing stage.

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