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Best eCommerce software for your business

13 May 2018

With a number of platforms available, it can be very difficult to figure out what platform is the best. If you are looking at starting a new ecommerce business or even revamping your current ecommerce store - you would have run into this dilemma.

Fortunately, most popular ecommerce systems available in the market, caters for most common ecommerce requirements. In most cases these platforms also allows ecommerce store owners to customise / personalise the store via plugins and other 3rd party integrations. Let’s look into few variables that will assist to identify which platform would suit your needs better.

Marketing Support

First things first. It's great to have a brilliant website - but if your customers can’t find it, then it's like having a house without an address.

When customers search for products online, Google or Amazon are the most common starting places. So it's no surprise that having great visibility and SEO is going to be a key component of your project plan.

Both leading ecommerce platform (Shopify & Magento) easily allow the imbedding of page URL’s, meta tags, meta descriptions. Both these platforms offer plugins to ensure that you don’t lose rankings just in case if you end up switching platforms. Magento being an open source platform, the SEO options can be limitless with a bit of technical knowledge.

Fixed and Ongoing Costs

It's really hard to pick one over the other when it comes to costs / prices. We believe the decision comes down to how rudimentary or involved you want to be with the platform. For a startup business with minimum technical expertise - Shopify offers a host of tools and services to get the products out there in the marketplace with minimal fuss. Shopify subscription charges starts around $9 per months + 2.9%+30c credit card fees.

Magento is 100% open source and there are no ongoing or licensing costs involved.


For serious business owners - this is probably the most important part. The platform you choose for your ecommerce store is critical to your success. If you choose the right one, it will easily scale and grow with your company.

With both popular ecommerce platforms - Shopify and Magento constantly fighting over majority market share - the features and scalability of these platforms keeps evolving by the day. Shopify - the new kid on the block has grown 124% between 2013 and 2014, and doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

Both platforms have their own enterprise versions - Magento EE and Shopify Plus that caters to the needs of large ecommerce operations.

Unfortunately this isn’t a black and white issue. Both options offer great benefits to e commerce business owners. We believe the decision largely depends on your company’s unique structure and circumstances.

As a company, our focus is always to deliver both short and long term results for all our customers. We work with all our customer to identify and understand their total commerce needs over a long term timeframe, ensuring that they have scalable solution not just for tomorrow, but into the future.

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