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Chinese Dragon Café App

Native iOS & Android application design and development. Integrated with a Magento backend to create a seamless order management and delivery experience. The result, a top 10 ranking, Food & Drink category in the App & Play stores.



  • iOS
  • Android
  • Megento

Project Duration

  • 9 months


  • Food & Beverages

Business Case

Management at Chinese Dragon Cafe made a strategic decision not to rely solely on 3rd party apps like Uber Eats. They made the decision to invest in their own infrastructure to grow their own clientbase


Maytech Solution Engineers came up with a prudent solution to create a food ordering and delivery application using Chinese Dragons Cafe’s existing Magneto eCommerce infrastructure. Magento was utilised as the core backend to feed the mobile application. 


The solution enabled CDC to have direct access to their clients. It was critical during COVID as they could operate an end-to-end order management and delivery while customers refrained from using marketplace apps like Uber Eats due to the risks associated with multiple touchpoints

App features and functionality



As the application was competing in a hyper competitive market (Food Ordering & Delivery), it was crucial that we validated every step in the engagement process. Maytech worked alongside CDC’s marketing and management team to develop a deep understanding of their existing client behaviours, problems, as well operational processes and challenges. We organised interviews and workshops with target user groups to gain more insight into users behaviours and expectations from a food ordering application.


Upon validating the product and technical feasibility of the project, we embraced the opportunity to deliver Chinese Dragon Cafe a product that would differentiate from their competition. 

Our solution included an array of new features, including order scheduling, international ordering and loyalty points, which yielded a high engagement rate. 


Our UI & UX team studied a number of existing applications to understand how users interact with those applications and what were the key defining features that attracted users to one application over the other. Equipped with these insights, we designed a product that was consistent with users expectations and the brand guidelines of Chinese Dragon Cafe.





Chinese Dragon cafe relies on using several software applications to help them run their operations. To ensure there were no redundancies or business impacts, we developed a middleware to act as a hub that connected all relevant business applications. 

Implementation of the middleware mitigates the double handling of information whilst improving interdepartmental handshakes. Also, having a centralised repository of information from several applications enabled management to create insightful BI reports.  


Mobile applications were completed using React Native. This allowed us to create applications that are both scalable and quicker to version add overtime. 



Less than 3 months after its 1st release, the Chinese Dragon Cafe app is one of the top 10 Food ordering apps in Apple’s App Store (Sri Lanka), generating over 3,000 orders for Chinese Dragon Cafe. 

App store popularity

User reviews

Johannes Kepler

November 10, 2019

Great app. And excellent service. I ordered today using this app. Delivered at right time. Good communication. And easy to use. Very delicious food. Great work. Thank u very much for your service.

Maytech monitored our visitor behaviour to identify solutions to improve online conversions. This led to the recommendation of building a dedicated mobile app and it delivered the results they promised.

Pradheep - IT Manager

Chinese Dragon Cafe