///Case Study

Conceiveplease Application

iOS and Android based period and ovulation tracking application. They needed an app that can process and present accurate insights based on a multitude of data feeds, to women who are looking to conceive a baby.



  • iOS
  • Android
  • Alava CMS

Project Duration

  • 8 months


  • Health & Wellbeing


Targeted ovulation forecasts based on dynamic formulas and predictive data analysis. Apps currently available in marketplaces present fixed ovulation dates based on information captured during setup.


Created an intuitive mobile app with dynamic algorithms that evolve as the user enters new data. Integrated mobile app with Alava CMS to manage app content and BI dashboards.


Application currently in beta testing. Current test results indicate 76% accuracy in predictions and the number is expected to grow.

App features and functionality


Target Audience

The application has two primary audiences, first being women who are looking for a period tracker tool, the second are women who are trying to conceive. The user age ranges from 16-40. Women age 16-24 use the application for period tracking, where women predominantly aged 25 and over use the application when trying to conceive.


The application is underpinned by a menstrual cycle formula, which is designed by Dr Raewyn Teirney, a leading IVF specialist. Based on user inputs personalised information is calculated and showcased in the application. The application also integrates with 3rd party services such as Apple Health and Google Health, where users information is collated and showcased in the app.


Our design strategy was to approach every single slide with simplicity and with a clear intent. We referenced a dozen similar apps in the marketplace and documented what we liked and didn't like about them.




Challenges Faced

As there are multiple fertility apps in the marketplace, the requirement from conceiveplease was to design and deliver a solution that would stand out from existing applications, both from a feature and design perspective.


React Native

Android Studio

AWS Lambda

Delivery timeline

The project was broken into two components, design and development. Application design, including user discovery sessions, took 3 months. Application development time was 6 months.

Integrated Mobile Backend

Conceiveplease mobile app backend is powered by Alava CMS. Alava CRM is a fully customisable workflow engine that can be shaped to suit needs of most businesses.


Deployed Features

User Login and security

Subscriber Management

BI Dashboards to show app session data and usage patterns

App navigation management

App content management



With the help of our amazing team, we have created a simple user centric app that can be helpful to couples wanting to conceive a baby. From tracking their menstrual cycle to predictive insights into ovulation dates, which in turn increases their chance of falling pregnant.

The App is still in the beta testing stage and it needs to go through necessary approval processes before it can be released to the wider public. Be sure to check your Apple or Android app store in the near future for conceiveplease fertility app