///Case Study

VE Furniture

A Leading supplier of innovative classroom and office furniture. VE Furniture led the way with introducing modular classroom furniture more than a decade ago.

Maytech has been part of their growth since 2007 and we continue to work with VE Furniture to support their business strategy.



  • Bespoke Website
  • Alava WFM
  • Hubspot CRM


  • 12 Months


  • Consumer Goods

Business Case

VE Furniture needed to provide a great online experience for its customers across Australia. Due to the complexity of their user needs and unique design requirements, customer quotations were done using spreadsheets, creating several management challenges.


Being a family run business, it was crucial that we gained an intricate understanding of how the business worked. We took a reverse engineering approach to ensure user acceptance upon completion. We created a multi horizon roadmap for the business. It ensured frictionless adaptations could be made to operational workflows together with technology changes.


Digitisation of VEF’s Sales generation and fulfilment process enabled the business to align human resources towards growing the business away from mundane process related work. Management gained access to strategic insights and were able to visualise and guide the business to become an industry leader.

Average quoting time came down from 1 day to 40mins.

Increasing VEF’s productivity and sales conversions

Taking redundant, repetitive tasks out of VEF’s sales workflow enabled the business to focus on doing things that really matter. VEF management drove business growth through strategic transformation by utilising technology to support its core operations.



The product vision for VEF was to simplify workflows and minimise the double and triple handling of data. In addition to optimising existing workflows, we also focused on creating pathways for VEF customers to engage with their online tools. This led to increased sales turnover and repeat purchasing.

The underlying tech stack was built on AWS infrastructure. The overall product plan is based on a CI-CD strategy which focuses on continuous improvement and continuous delivery.



Original solution deployed in 2007 included:

Fully integrated bespoke website and CRM

Product management system that fed the website catalogue pages

User Friendly quote generation tool that integrated with the main CRM and product data

Event and lead management

Management reporting

Since the 1st deployment in 2007, there have been 4 major releases and several ongoing updates to the business solution. The latest release of the software offers significant improvements to the original solution, including an advanced business rule engine, a workflow automation and configuration tool and BI reporting.



The solution delivered significant improvements to VEF’s overall efficiency:

Users were able to generate quotes faster.

The Quote value went up due to more options / upsell items being displayed on quotations.

Detailed insight into customer patterns meant they were more effective with their sales pitch

It was easier for customers to request for quotes online, reducing the need for onsite visitations.

Enhanced security policies meant business data was secure and documents marked sensitive weren’t sitting on a mapped shared drive, data hierarchy practices were adopted across the entire business.

Management had more visibility into customers' values and buying patterns.

The marketing team felt enabled as they had structured data and feedback to shape their marketing activities.