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For every $1,000 you make, you lose ~$2,250 worth of sales due to cart abandonment.


increase in your conversion can double your profit.


of customers become loyal depending on how personalised the service you offer.

Loyal customers are true influencers

Do more of what your customers like about you. Learn what customers like about your products/ services enables you to build a success formula for your business. Whether it's setting up a reward program, offering additional services or simply calling them by their first name - a carefully planned out customer experience strategy holds the key to making sure they keep coming back.

Invest in technologies that enables you to capture meaningful data and make customer-centric decisions.

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Make it easy for people to buy your products

Frictionless online shopping experiences allows shoppers to purchase at their convenience. By integrating your eCommerce store with other business applications within the organization create harmony between multiple layers of data. These data sets enables marketers to paint a true reflection of the purchasing behavior of their target audience.

These insights can be translated into actionable outcomes via multiple mediums such as;

Virtual storefronts

Online shopping cart

Mobile commerce

In-store marketing

Automate what you can

Most businesses spend 50% of their time on mundane tasks that can be optimised or automated. This generally takes the focus of businesses away from their foundational capabilities and get caught up in noise. Automating business processes where possible increases the accuracy and free up your time to focus on things that makes your business special.

Marketing automation

Targeted advertising

Chatbots and AI bots

Conversion optimization

Social media integration & store setup.

Automated digital marketing.

Warehousing and logistics

Sync inventory across multiple channels

3PL integrations

Order tracking

Supply chain management

Vendor management

Content management

Automate content optimisation

Personalized offers/marketing

Admin and Accounting

Automated billing

Smart and real-time filing

Real-time dashboards and reports

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A fresh new way of engaging with online visitors

We built an experience-first approach, allowing CoolKidz customers to add products directly to their shopping cart as they engage with product information displayed on the site. The new design underpinned by a Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration has set CoolKidz up for the future.

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