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Victorian Educational Furniture is a Melbourne based commercial and educational furniture specialist. Maytech first started working with VEF in 2006 to build a catalogue based website. From there on, we worked with VEF closely to build a number of bespoke solutions to increase their staff productivity and increased their baseline by over 300%


Latest version of VEF's Edge CRM solution was architectured around providing VEF managers access to an intuitive business intelligence layer. We used years of customer, product and user behaviours to create predictive patterns and user behavioural models.
This project used a number of cutting edge technologies including blockchain.


The new features created by us integrated seamlessly with VEF's existing technology and data. Purpose built reports and management tools are helping the owerns to minimise leakages and maximise returns.
System also now provides intuitive data on stock movement and ideal stock levels for both low and high seasons. VEF has seen an average growth of 7% across the sales funnel and business workflow pipeline.

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