Bespoke eCommerce, Mobile App and Albert Application Development


GoSconto is a startup, funded by a regional shopping center owner who was looking for a simplified way to provide consumer discounts (deals) but required the offers to be redmeded store. The idea was to drive foot traffic through the shopping centers and entice in store spending.

GoSconoto came to Maytech with the objective of building a proof of works offering which had the following features:

  1. Merchant registration and deal creation platform.
  2. Marketplace where users could view and redeem the deals, available on both iphone, Android & web and;
  3. Deal redemption function which linked to commonwealth banks payment terminal Albert.


The solution was architected to allow further functionality or additional integrations (outside CBA albert) at a later point without the need for the solution to be re architected. We adopted a “rapid-application development” process a the client wished to showcase the functionality visually to merchants and potential investors early on. Maytech, developed the web services and merchant portal first, which allowed the client to confirm his brief. Upon the web services being completed the native iOS, Android and Albert applications were built. The total project build from inception to delivery was 6 months.


The client has a live working deals creation and redemption platform with supporting native Android & ios applications. The native Albert Application is loaded and operating for illustrative purposes with the CBA, allowing the client to showcase the concept to investors and merchants. Throughout the course of 2018 the company will evaluate whether to develop out the functionality and commercially launch GoSconto.

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