Custom CRM Development with Magento Core


Chervon Australia (Ego Power Plus) had a drastic business change as their wholesale and exclusive supply arrangement ended with Masters (due to Masters going into liquidation). This shifted their business model, meaning they needed to sell to multiple retailers instead of servicing the single supply agreement. This meant existing IT systems and processes were made redundant.

Maytech was engaged develop or customise and deploy a CRM, ordering management system and reporting system within a 2 month time frame.


After initial consultation and analysis we identified that any system needed to integrate with both their 3PL provider MainFreight and accounting system MYOB. Additionally, the CRM would need to be cloud based as it needed to be accessed on both PC and a tablet by their sales representatives. This coupled with standard sales ordering and reporting functionality expected of any business.

Based on the above Maytech opted with utilising Magento as the core platform, and develop a custom CRM which met the ordering and reporting requirements of Chervon. Magento was also chosen as we knew the requirements would expand after the initial deployment due to the company’s operational policies being recently created and subject to change.

The CRM was developed and deployed first, providing time for users and administration staff to learn system, while the system integration and testing between 3rd parties providers was being undertaken. Once the users and integrations were ready the system was launched.


We were able to design, develop and implement a easy to use software which meet their new business requirements, whilst being scalable which allows us to meet their growing needs overtime. In comparison to Chevrons overseas operations and systems; the Magento based system is able to process 4 x the daily order volume. The distribution centers are lined up so items are shipped from the closest DC to minimise costs.

From here, we will work with Chervon to expand out on the CRM reporting and analytical capabilities. In addition, we will begin exploring linking the CRM into their manufacturing process to provide further organisational benefits and efficiencies.

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