Native Mobile Application Development


Kardzee is a San Francisco based startup that specialises in offering highly personalised greeting cards to both personal and business users. One of the main selling points of Karzee is that it allows users to create, store and use their own font library. Users can use their Apple or Android device to trace their own personal font. This libary is then made available for them across all their devices. All cards generated from Kardzee then gets printed and mailed to the recepient with a click of a button.


The complex nature of requirements and different integrations required by Kardzee meant our team had to do intense research. We ran a number of tests and simulations to identify the best tech stack to use for Kardzee. Apart from the unique handwriting module, we also worked with Amazon Gifts and a number of leading business partners to provide valued added services to Kardzee users. In 2017 we successfully launched the 3rd version of Kardzee. Like any other pro-active application, Kardzee follows a continuous development & continuouse integration process.

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