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Dreamstreet Lending (DSL), a Melbourne based mortgage broker that specialises in both personal and commercial mortgage services. DSL are extremely successful at generating leads from multiple sources, however, they had a number of challenges with lead management and conversion, coupled with innecenfices around application processing. Maytech was engaged to evaluate current business practices and to design and implement a centralised system that provided efficiencies and insight into their operations.


Based on the key findings we decided to approach the project in three different components/stages:

  1. Lead capture and management environment
  2. CRO and SEO Optimised website - linked to the new proposed CRM and;
  3. Custom built Agile CRM and business productivity software (CRM)

Phase 1 - was to create and centralise all lead channels into a single point. This enabled us to build workflows and business reporting metrics around each channel. Furthemore, it enabled DSL to build a detailed custom profile, which allowed them to begin tracking each iteration/engagement point with leads, which allowed to calculate conversion probability.

Phase 2 - was to design and develop the CRO and SEO optimised website which integrated into the CRM. This phase also included the function to create and easily modify microsites and landing pages, which is a key marketing requirement as DSL run event/sponsor base engagements.

Phase 3 - was to analyse their existing business process (lead conversion to application submission) to identify inefficiencies and duplications with the objective of proposing and implementing a streamlined system and set of workflows. This involved integrating lead channels and the website into a custom CRM and productivity software, with the required user permissions, compliance frameworks and workflows.

Maytech worked with DSL for 2 months on Phase 1 & 2 and had a development time of 2 months. Phase 3 had a 1 month discovery session, 3 months development build, and 2 month testing and migration.


Dreamstreet Lending now has a single system which provides insight and staff accountability across their entire business. Staff have from from entering the same client data set multiple times, to reviewing and working on a single client file. Client handling has been reduced, as the system tracks and logs all staff activities from initial interaction through to loan application.

The company now has a centralised lead and workflow solution, allowing the company to track/convert leads and prepare mortgage applications.

Over the coming months, DSL intends to work with the banks to see if they’ll enable electronic loan submission from their CRM. The CRM has been provisioned for further integrations via the development of a two-way API.

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