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Having a comprehensive understanding of your App is key in our app development process. We work closely with you to evaluate and validate your App idea. Strategy meetings help us identify a commercially viable product that addresses your business requirements. We then work with you to map out and identify user personas, the user journey and required features.

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Our UI and UX team understand the psychology behind connections. They will come up with habit-forming, intuitive designs that delivers great user experiences. Our interactive prototypes will both you and our development team get a detailed understanding of the functionality and what the final product will resemble even before development starts.

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Our agile app development process will priorities delivering the majority of the business-critical functionalities first. Once all non-negotiable business requirements have been met, we move onto finishing the cosmetic components of the project. We guarantee price certainty throughout the project. Whether it is an iPhone, Android or wearables application, our developers have a track record of delivering projects that rank highly in app stores.

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We offer an end-to-end service, meaning you don’t need to change IT provider. We provide a range of hosting, maintenance and versioning plans to make sure that your app is up to date with the latest OS, API, and device releases. We can even assign dedicated developers or designers to your team through our Staff Augmentation service.

/// Featured Case Study

Chinese Dragon Café

Native iOS & Android application design and development, integrated with a Magento backend to create a seamless order management and delivery experience. The result, a top 10 ranking, Food & Drink application in the App and Play stores.

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Organisations and entrepreneurs come with new ideas to develop mobile apps all the time. Before putting more thoughts and money into it, validating that idea is important. Once you put enough thought into it, you realise that there are existing tools and plugins in the market that can serve your purpose. Or else you realise that your requirement has some technical barriers. If it's an App startup, there's a high chance that idea already exists in the market. So it's important to put your idea through a strategic planning process to validate and add more depth into your idea.

  • Understanding the required features.

    It's important to understand and priorities the features that the end product should have. This gives you the luxury to decide what's technically possible and what's impractical. Also, you can get an order of priority and focus on the most important features.

  • Do market research.

    This is important speciality if its an App startup. Even if it's not, this give you an idea about the similar apps or plugins if they exist and depend on that you can shape your idea to be better.

  • Understand the end-user

    It's important to understand the intended users and how they will react to your app. Well defined user personas can help you with that. If possible, focus groups would be a better way to do this if you already having an existing audience like your employees and customers.

  • Financial evaluation

    Now that you have a compelling idea in hand, your developer can estimate the cost of it and you get to decide if it's worth investing that amount.

If your app idea checks all the above boxes in a positive manner, you have your answer, your mobile app idea is practical. This process is not as easy as it sounds, so we highly recommend you to work hand in hand with an app development services provider to evaluate your idea.

You may be an early adopter of mobile-friendly websites. But what it means to be mobile friendly has changed a lot by 2020. If you are having a website that size down to render on mobile devices, that alone won't enough. You need to make sure that the users are satisfied with the experience they get through your mobile site.

Following criteria will define the user experience. How long will it take for your mobile site to get loaded? Users would prefer to have it below 5sec. Is the navigation user friendly? If users can find what they are looking for within seconds that means there are complications with your navigation. Simplified content and clear call to actions must be there. Has is optimised for mobile SEO? If answers to these questions are all positive, then yes you have a mobile responsive website and it serves its purpose.

Then the next question is the choice between a mobile responsive website and a mobile app. Most of the companies nowadays are going for a mobile-first strategy when going online. To decide if you need a mobile site or an App, you need to understand what additional features that the mobile app can provide. How much interaction you have with your customers online and if it's affordable to have a mobile app. Usually, a mobile app helps you to interact with the clients easier and engaging design can have a real impact on your bottom line. Apps are faster than mobile sites. They can be used even offline. You get the luxury to offer personalised and targeted content to each user. Apps allow access to in build features of the device such as GPS, camera, microphone, memory and control over these features allow you to offer a better user experience.

Push notifications help to communicate with your users in a regular manner and this can be helped to sell more and earn loyalty. 

Apps are clearly more advance than responsive websites and you have to consider what can bring you success.

We are specialists in both iOS and Android applications that perform smoothly on any device such as mobile tab iPad and wearable devices. React native development is the technology we use to ensure a quality product and we run many testing as possible by using Firebase and AWS Device Fame to curate the best user experience on the model of Android and iOS device.

Our experienced tech team and the CI-CD process in use allow us to serve both mid to enterprise-level clients and app startups with on-time delivery by staying within the budget.

Care is what our clients value most about our services. We are responsible to make sure that the App we delivered served its purpose and when it comes to expansion and version updates, our scalable architecture allows us to offer a faster service. If the up required a Hypercare, we can assign dedicated developers to your team.

New OS release can impact your app functionality in different ways. Every OR release comes with new functionality and that could help you to offer better user experience and that's the plus side of it.

It could impact your app in a few negative ways as well. If the OS has made changes to its App development framework, then the code of your app might not function in the new version as it used to be with the old one. The user interface could get effected too. This will affect the look and feel of the content, action buttons and navigation. Sometimes these changes affect us as developers. If the technology we are using for development doesn't align with the OS update anymore, developers will have a hard time to keep your app relevant.

So yes a new OS update can affect your app’s performance and you might need a new version update. Usually Apple and Android release a beta version of the new OS 3-4 months earlier to the public release and the best practice would be to get your developers to test the look and functionality of your App and do the necessary changes withing this 4 months so that your users won't have to go through unpleasant user experiences.

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