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A right size fit is critical to achieving IT project success. Our IT staffing services are designed to add extra talent to your team on an on-demand basis. Whether it's an expert developer or a dedicated team, we have work-ready talent with vast experience, high motivation and creative minds.


Working with Maytech is simple

Our team has a wealth of experience in IT staff augmentation, and we have a proven track record of successfully matching the right professionals with the right organizations. We understand that each business has unique needs when it comes to IT staff augmentation, and we work closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements and goals. Our team is skilled at identifying top talent in the industry and has access to a wide network of qualified professionals.

We also offer ongoing support and resources to ensure that the augmentation process is smooth and successful for both our clients and the professionals we place. Overall, our expertise in IT staff augmentation allows us to provide top-quality professionals who can help businesses achieve their goals and drive success.


Scoping out IT staff needs requires careful planning and strategic thinking, but taking the time to do it right will ensure that you have the necessary resources and support to keep your business running smoothly.


Analysis of whether we can work together, meet your goals and expectations.


Your new enginner(s) will carry out tasks as an extension of your internal team, maintaining regular contact and working to your specific brief, fully managed.

In-house expertise, qualified, experienced and ready to go

Access the Top 1% IT talent with us

Top 1% IT talent

Our senior developers have 7+ years of work experience and exposure from various industry verticals. They are up to date with novel technologies and agile development methods.

Timezone aligned

Your timezone, deadlines and milestones won’t be a problem when working with us. We have both onshore and offshore resources that are backed by Australian governance.

Compliance and security

We are aware of the international standards regarding IT security. We only assign full-time employees, and an intellectual property protection agreement binds them.

Reduce Cost

Be more competitive, sustainable, and profitable. For those looking to save on staffing, utilise our overseas resources to reduce employee fixed costs such as HR, office space, training and development.

Increase quality & efficiency

Companies can benefit from our skilled staff and their extensive industry experience. We follow industry best practices to ensure work is delivered accurately and efficiently.

Scale fast

Scale up or scale down without the hassle of hiring or firing the wrong talent. Start with one or more staff and scale quickly to meet demand.

How FTE brings success to an organization

Below is a list of frequently asked questions.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for then feel free to ask us directly via email.

With staff augmentation;

  • You get to scale up or scale down based on the business requirement in no time.

  • It eliminates the costs of hiring, cost of upskilling and overhead costs of expansion.

  • You get access to experienced, work-ready IT talent.

  • Our augmented staff is trained with standard management practices so you don’t waste any time on transition.

It’s not just a salary that attracts IT talent. We provide various incentives on top of their salaries, such as training and health insurance. In addition, we maintain commercial premises with cutting edge IT infrastructure and size, meaning we have lower operational costs on a per-employee basis. Apart from that, our offshore talent pool comes from Sri Lanka. The cost of living in Sri Lanka is ~7.1 times lower than in Australia. Sri Lanka is a country with a colonial background where higher education is free and conducted in English. Our full-time employees are governed by our Australian management and they work from a commercial premises at Orain City (The Silicon Valley of Sri Lanka)

Finding the right resource provider is a challenge. You need to look beyond the cost and the talent they promise. It’s critical you factor in the following when evaluating any firm.

  • Talent pool

  • Workflow management practices

  • Software development modules

  • Security protocols

  • Language fluency

  • Time zone

Employer brand perception is a powerful tool when attracting top IT talent. If you are a startup, landing an IT expert with 7-10 years of industry experience is a challenge. Not only is it expensive, but a senior developer with that level of experience also won’t risk their career by moving to an SME or startup. Our staff augmentation solution can fill this vacuum by allowing you to access a global pool of IT talent with no employment contracts or expansion costs.

Maytech has 16 years of industry recognition. We attract and nurture talent with industry best practices. We have flexible engagement models that startups and SME’s can afford. Despite your project size, timeline and the number of staff needed, we assure you the same quality we deliver to our enterprise-level clients.

There are different engagement models available in staff augmentation. Choosing the right augmented model is critical for project success. We help you evaluate and recommend the right model for your business or project requirement. Depending on the level of flexibility, responsibility and control you need in managing the project we have a number of staff augmentation models available;

  • Project placement

    Is a time and material based engagement solution where we work with you to scope, cost and identify resource project hours.

    This model is suited for long term projects that need several iterations, subject to requirement changes and require a great deal of transparency and reporting.

  • Block Hours

    When there is a short term project requirement with well-defined goals and simple workflows, block hours are a great way to onboard IT talent for a short period of time.

    Block hours are most suited for ad-hoc tasks or for routine maintenance. Let's say a project requires some fresh eyes to run QA testing, augmented block hours are the best solution rather than hiring.

  • Full-time equivalent (dedicated teams)

    When a project requires a full time dedicated resource(s) to work with your existing team, Full-time equivalent (FTE) is the best model to choose. The FTE works a standard 5 day, 40- hour workweek and reports directly to your project managers.

    With this model, you can expand your project team with no added overhead costs and we generally can fulfil your talent requirement generally within 5 -10 business days.

  • Managed IT

    If you depend on an IT requirement but don't want to hire and manage a dedicated IT department, We can provide you with an all-in solution at an affordable price.

    This will free you from administrative costs and compliance allowing you to focus on core business processes while benefiting from our 16 years of IT talent and industry experience.

    We offer above augmented models with both our onshore and offshore resources. If you are not sure about the model you require or have any doubts, talk to us to find out more.

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