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Actionable insights about your website visits

At Maytech, we follow an insight-based design and development process, focusing on continuous improvement and optimization. Once your website is live, we test our design hypotheses, and based on quantifiable insights, we make any necessary changes to deliver the expected results. For instance, our insights about user behavior will allow you to address your target audience with a personalized message at the perfect moment on the device they prefer.

Cross Platform Integration

We integrate with your organisations existing platforms to attain deeper insights and synchronisation of data. This will allow you to drive automation, giving you access to real-time data to make better informed decisions, whilst gaining efficiency benefits.

Online Asset that can be measure and manage

You can't manage what you can't measure! This is often the reason why digital strategies go wrong. We use tools to monitor the behaviour and engagement of site visitors through session recordings, heatmap and on-page surveys, yielding insights that help decision making. By integrating existing applications that are used by your company, we make these insights and reports more meaningful for the key decision makers.

What we offer

Web Strategy and Consultation

We bring 14 years of expertise as an end-to-end web developer to the table. This enables us to help our clients figure out the best online strategy for them. Whether the focus is to sell online or create brand awareness, our consultation will result in a unique online asset that serves its purpose.


Our design team delivers user-centric, engaging and habit forming web designs. From a fancy sales store to a corporate web portal, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Website Development

Our team has the experience and technology required to custom develop a website that satisfies your online objectives. Whether its a booking/scheduling system, quotation portal, content portal, workflow management system or a combination of the above, we can bring our experience to the table and deliver you the required solution.

Architecture Design and Consultation

Backend architecture is the key to a smooth-running, error-free website and we invest our time on that. We provide user-centric backends that support business logics and enable automation  where possible. Every site we develop comes with agile and scalable architecture, rich with structured data. This structured data delivers actionable insights and reports.

System Integrations

With deep expertise in software development, we’re able to integrate with your existing CRM or ERP applications. This alone can add value to your organisation by offering a centralised channel to manage your digital presence.

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Commonly asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to ask us directly via email.

Yes, we offer WordPress solutions for our clients. A user-friendly content management system is what you get with WordPress and it's used in approximately 60% of websites that have a CMS. If you have a content-heavy website that needs to be updated all the time, a WordPress CMS can help you without you needing any coding knowledge.

We know what we can do and what we can’t. When signing off a new project, we evaluate it and accept it only if it aligns with our technical expertise and scope. We don’t outsource our services to any third party. For us, how many projects we do within a year is not where our KPI sits. Our focus is to retain our clients and offer them an end-to-end service as their IT solution provider and to do that, we can’t rely on third parties.

Yes you have full ownership of your website. We offer ongoing maintenance, and according to the service plan if it requires technical support on a daily basis, you can add developers to your team with our FTE program. Even though you own it, there will be recurring costs such as hosting, subscriptions or 3rd party plugins.

Also we recommend our clients let us manage all the changes that result in an edit to the source code. This saves clients on future costs as we don’t have to audit any changes performed by a 3rd party. 

Yes, we can integrate 3rd party applications with your website, especially your CRM.

The benefits of integrating your CRM with your website are:

  • Administration costs will be reduced through task automation.
  • You get access to real time data and reports about your online performance.
  • Having a single data source that is accurate.
  • You get to profile your customers, giving you better insights to create targeted online campaigns.
  • Online inquiries and leads can be managed fast and effectively.
  • Ultimately a CRM integration leads to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

If you don’t have a CRM, talk to us about what Hubspot could do to your business. HubSpot is a leading CRM provider used by more than 86,000 customers globally. As a certified HubSpot partner, we can help you get the most out of HubSpot.

Yes, we can take over your existing website and customise it according to your preferences. All we need is access to your domain and the hosting details. Once the site is transitioned, we’ll undertake a review, and perform a gap analysis based on the requirements that you tell us.

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