///Case Study

Chervon Group

Chervon Group is a world leader in Battery Powered Gardening and Power tools. As a global manufacturing and distribution business, Chervon was looking for ways to streamline and grow their Australian supply chain management process by utilising a fully integrated solution. 



  • Oracle ERP
  • Alava CRM
  • AWS Lambda


  • 6 Months


  • Wholesale / Distribution


Accommodating Chervon’s bespoke order management requirements. Chervon has many pricing, client, promotional and brand logics executed at an order level. Thus, to maintain a singular CRM interface, extensive development was required to ensure the CRM was scalable. 


Created a bespoke CRM and order management system unique to Chervon Australia. We utilised Alava workflow and business rule engine to work as a middleware to connect the CRM and Oracle ERP. 


Customer information and orders flow automatically through to Oracle ERP via the middleware. Developing bespoke requirements on a middleware layer instead of Oracle saved the business substantial money and time. 

Oracle ERP integration vastly Improved our productivity

our productivity

Moving from their existing Magento hosted CRM to a custom developed CRM enabled Chervon to create a deep integration with their Oracle ERP instance. Finance, inventory and order management functions were synchronised via a customer developed API (two-way). This allowed Chervon to better manage inventory and accounts receivables. 


Continuous Integration -
Continuous Improvement

Chervon recognises that maintaining manual processes creates a ceiling that the business can’t move beyond as it will require more hands on resources. With a global vision already in place to drive the business towards full automation, Maytech continues to work with Chervon’s in house IT department to turn this vision into reality.

By February 2021, we have successfully completed a pilot project to fully automate their vendor reporting / analytics. 

Since implementation, Alava and Oracle ERP have automated many of Chervon’s business processes and substantially reduced their operating costs.  


Working with Maytech

Maytech worked closely with Chervon representatives globally to analyse their strategic needs and potential challenges. Collectively, system architecture and solution design were undertaken to ensure that the solution would support Chervon’s organisation structure and growth ambitions. Maytech and Chervon staff collaborated daily across four office sites globally to deliver the solution.